Basic Bicycle Repair and Maintenance


This guide is for:

  • common bicycle repairs that need more than an allen key, an adjustable spanner, and a bit of common sense to figure out.
  • people who are basically 'handy', but do not know about bike components or bike tools.
  • everyday cycling, not racing, extreme environments or restoration.


The top 10 fixes

1. Riding Position

Knee angle around 25-30 degrees

6. Replace Pedals

remove pedal

2. Puncture/Flat Tyre

applying rubber solution

7. Replace Chain

split chain by pushing rivet out

3. Adjust Brakes

split rim

8. Replace Cassette

insert lockring tool

4. Replace Brake Cable

extract old cable

9. Replace Chainrings

hold nut still with chainring tool

5. Straighten Wheel

check overall spoke tension

10. Replace Cranks and Bottom Bracket

screw in driver of crank extractor



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"mc" grew up car-free in the countryside, and had to ride a bike from an early age – absolute magic! In later life, he survived London traffic and l’Etape du Tour.



The books below are tremendously helpful, but there is a lot of material to get through.

  • Ballantine, R. and Grant, R. 1994, Richards Bicycle Repair Manual. Dorling Kindersley
  • Downs, T. 2005, Bicycle Maintenance & Repair
  • Haynes 2007, The Bike Book - Complete Cycle Maintenance
  • Park 2008, BBB-2 Big Blue Book of Bike Repair, Park Tools
  • Van der Plas, R., 2007, Bicycle Repair.  Repair and Maintenance of the Modern Bicycle



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